Conservation initiatives

Conservation is a critical part of ensuring the long-term viability of water supplies. SRP works throughout metropolitan Phoenix and with its partners across Arizona to promote both large-scale conservation efforts and those that individuals can undertake at their home or office.

This includes participating in groups that teach conservation through the state's school system, such as Project WET, and those that aim to educate the general public, such as Water — Use It Wisely. Partnerships with other groups such as the Water Resources Research Center and WaterSmart Innovations aim to generate forward-thinking policies to stretch water supplies even further through smart use.

SRP's other conservation efforts include:

  • Teacher training: Free, comprehensive in-service programs for Arizona educators that provider teachers with key insights and proven classroom resources related to the water and energy industries.

  • Classroom materials: Complimentary materials for Arizona educators to teach students about conservation, water and other utility issues.

  • SRP's Water Conservation Expo: Annual event that features discounted smart irrigation controllers to encourage outdoor water conservation and includes more than 40 exhibits sharing water conservation ideas and products. SRP's Water Conservation Expo is the largest single-day distribution of smart irrigation controllers in the United States.

  • Conservation education: Websites and publicity campaigns provide Arizona residents with ways to conserve water in their day-to-day activities.

  • SRP's conservation efforts: By lining canals, adding automated water controls and using specialized devices to monitor water usage, SRP ensures that loss to evaporation and seepage in our water delivery system is minimized.