Annual bird surveys

The Salt River and Verde River watersheds host hundreds of avian species, including some that are endangered or federally protected.

SRP, in conjunction with the Arizona Game & Fish Department and the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife is involved in numerous efforts to protect these species.

Efforts include the Arizona Bald Eagle Nest Watch Program, a partnership of 14 different organizations. SRP monitors eagles that nest near dams and power facilities and aims to prevent them from being disturbed by utility operations. SRP also provides equipment such as helicopters and bucket trucks so that Game & Fish employees can survey nests and monitor the eagles' health.

Other methods are used to protect raptors, including used plastic caps or special coating on wires and transformers to protect birds from electrocution.

In addition to work protecting raptors, SRP is actively involved in protecting habitat for the endangered Southwest willow flycatcher, which nests near the shores of Roosevelt Lake. As the lake fills with winter runoff, nesting habitat can be submerged.

SRP is examining ways to create new nesting habitat on Arizona streams and identifying safe methods to relocate the birds when lake levels rise.